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6AM Health provides fresh green juices, salads & healthy breakfast items to the greater Boston area via our technology enabled Fresh Fridges. We believe that environments have a major impact on decision making, especially when it comes to food. By having fresh, nutritious food available to our customers at any time of day, we believe that we can play our part in helping people live healthier lifestyles.


“Bel hana Wel Shefa” (With Joy and Health!)

As an Egyptian family, preparing and sharing of food was the way we celebrated and maintained our culture. From one generation to the next, we pass on family favorite recipes that nurture our souls. There is almost always a story tied to food, and it’s those stories that connect us.
No matter what your cultural background is, food is something to share, to enjoy and to celebrate life.
We want to share with you our delicious vegan dishes inspired by the streets of Egypt.


Your Artisan Chinese Food Maker

We take pride in making unconventional cakes and dessert table. Following modern oriental baking trends in China, Korea and Japan, SINOBOX offers customized sweet experiences for a variety of occasions, include but not limited to: Parties, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays and Commercial Events.



Local Regional Vietnamese Delicacies

Your chef's artistic palette spans a variety of flavours, with a focus on local regional Vietnamese delicacies and beautifully crafted Mediterranean specialities.


Treat Your Event To The Bar It Deserves.

WanderLush is a Boston based bartending and cocktail party catering company that offers classic and innovative cocktails alike. Our professional bartenders create handcrafted cocktails that are made from high-quality spirits and the freshest garden-to-glass ingredients.


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